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Hard Magnetic Properties of Mn-Al-C Alloys Doped with Titanium and Iron


I. Milyaev 1, M. Alymov 2, V. Yusupov 3, V. Zelensky 4, A. Milyaev 5, A. Ankudinov 6
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3 (2017)


Hard magnetic alloy; coercive force; residual induction; maximum energy product; induction melting; hysteresis graph; manganese; aluminum; carbon


As part of the study of hard magnetic alloys on the basis of manganese, the impact of titanium and iron in the range up to 5 wt. % on the magnetic hysteretic properties of the 72Mn–27Al–1C hard magnetic alloy is considered. It is shown that upon alloying to 2 wt. %, both Ti and Fe increase the magnetic hysteretic properties of the alloy, and then reduce them. On the 72Mn–27Al–1C–2Ti(Fe) alloys, the maximum energy product (BH)max = 12 kJ/m3 (11,5⋅106 G⋅Oe) was obtained with a residual induction of Br up to 0.36 T (3600 G) and the coercive force НсВ of 110–120 kA/m (1400–1500 Oe), which corresponds to the best Japanese data for these alloys.

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